About Us

Adagio Wedding Photography is a collaboration between friends and photographers Matthew Anderson and Jason Glerum. Matt and Jason have unique and complementary styles that provide complete, seamless coverage of your wedding day.

We believe that wedding photography should capture the important moments, emotions and details of your wedding day without interrupting or intruding upon them. Our photojournalistic approach and laid back portrait techniques approach enable us to be unobtrusive as we tell the story of your wedding.

Capturing the Emotions of Your Day

Every wedding, like every couple, is unique. We strive to make images that reflect your spirit and capture the story of your wedding for generations to come.

To do that requires a blend of preparedness, skill and artistry. But it begins with a commitment to seeing: really noticing what makes you and your guests so special.

Storybook Wedding Albums

Good wedding photographers will give you some “wow” images. The best will give you pictures that tell a story, complete with all the highlights others capture and all the quiet moments they overlook.

The best way to share those pictures and that story is with a printed wedding album. We believe so strongly that your album is important that we include a luxurious album in every standard package.

Unobtrusive Yet Comprehensive

The biggest complement we routinely get the day of the wedding is when guests say, "I forgot you were here. I didn't notice you once all day."

You spend more time on your wedding day with your photographers than anyone else. The least we can do is spend our time making sure we capture the images you want without disrupting your day. So you when you think back on your wedding, you remember your wedding, not your photographers.

Two Photographer Advantage

We believe that two wed­ding pho­tog­ra­phers are bet­ter than one. There are too many important people, details and emotions at a wedding for one person to capture.

And the rhythm of a wedding is so fast-paced, that it's not enough to use an assistant (usually a different one for each wedding), no matter how good. Only long experience working together enables each photographer to be at the right place, at the right time, to capture those timeless moments, and to do so with style.

Through a long history of shooting weddings together, Jason and Matt have developed a second sense for how each works, which results in more comprehensive coverage of your day with a unified style that shows in every shot. This unique advantag also allows us to:

  • Cover both the bride and the groom before the ceremony.
  • Record the key moments of the ceremony from multiple angles.
  • Capture your emotions and those of your friends and family.
  • Document the little details you spent months planning.