Standard Coverage — $2,295

Every wedding includes nine hours of two-photographer coverage. For most weddings, this is enough to cover your full day, from getting dressed, portraits before the ceremony, the ceremony, portraits after, all the way through your reception events and generous coverage of dancing after.

This standard coverage comes with a disc of your images sized for sharing on social media. Many people print fewer images today than in the past. We think you should be able to share your images without paying for high-resolution files you may not need.

We also upload your images to a website where you can order prints of select images at reasonable prices from a top professional lab (far less than what most photographers charge). Family and friends can also order pictures directly from this website, freeing you from having to manage each request for prints.

A la Carte Additions

The following options are available to add to your package at any time: when you decide to hire us, or after you've seen your images.

Each two hours of additional coverage — $300

Want us there at 4:30 am for family breakfast? Don't laugh. We've done it. Do you need us there until every last guest has left? We're happy to accommodate your desires.

Full resolution disc suitable for printing — $500

Are you a Pinterest or Etsy addict, crafty to the bone and want the ability to print your images for scrapbooks and home decor? Great. We'll provide you with a disc of full resolution images and a signed copyright waiver you can use to your heart's content.

Coffee-Table-Style Wedding Album — Design & Printing, $700

We highly recommend selecting an album. We shoot your wedding with an eye to how each picture relates to the others we've shot and work together as a whole to tell a moving story of your wedding. We think a coffee-table-style is the best way for you to have your wedding pictures available in a format that you will be able to cherish through the decades of your life together, and it's something for your great-grandchildren to fight over when you're gone.

Our standard wedding album is printed large, 12x12 inches, on real photographic paper, and then handbound in an acid free archival, top-quality hard cover. Our vendor tells us it will last 250 years in it's protective, museum-quality presentation box (also included at no additional charge), and we believe them.

Once your wedding album is designed, additional copies are available in a 10x10 parent size ($400) or an 8x8 grandparent size ($250).

Additional Portrait Sessions — $400

Getting married, committing to your life partner, is perhaps the most pivotal period in your life.

An engagement session provides the opportunity to capture your life as a couple in a more casual and relaxed way than possible on your wedding day. And it provides images you can use during your wedding to give your guests a portrait of your life together.

An after-wedding portrait session gives you and us the time and space to create stunning images together in locations that aren't available during your wedding day, and without concern for every smudge or wrinkle that might affect your clothes for the reception.

Our Pricing Philosophy

Traditionally, wedding photography pricing has been a black art: they entice you with a seemingly reasonable initial price, then shock you once you're committed with exhorbitant print prices and extras.

The old model was built around how people used pictures: to get the benefit of your wedding pictures, you had to print them. Today, photographs are used more than ever, but rarely printed, shared only digitally.

We strive to create images that tell a complete story, that capture your day in ways that you'll treasure for the rest of your life. We also believe in the golden rule: we want to treat you the way we would like to be treated.

Those two principals guided us as we worked to arrive at our new pricing structure. We wanted it to be easy to hire us, with clear, simple, no-surprises pricing. And we wanted to price our services in such a way that we could afford to do our very best.

Rather than create packages designed to encourage you toward selecting things you may not want or need in order to get what you really want, we decided on a simple structure. A generous standard coverage, that gives you most of what you desire, with a clear price. And an a la carte menu that leaves you with no surprises.